Since Hollow Sun has been on-line, I have been approached by a wide variety of talented users across the world who have kindly contributed samples of their own vintage gear to Hollow Sun. These are included in Zero-G's 'Nostalgia' virtual sound module.

Most of the sounds are extensively multi-sampled for absolute detail and accuracy of timbre. They have been carefully programmed in Kontakt by myself to preserve the character of these classic and innovative instruments.

I am extremely grateful to all donors who have generously and altruistically contributed their samples.

You can discover the history of these timeless instruments using the thumbnails below.

Linn Drum Oberheim DX Crumar Performer Elka Synthex
Roland SH101 Drumulator Sakata DPM48 Casio RZ1
Soundtech/EH Rhythm12 Jupiter 6 Strings Sound Master Stix Yamaha DD10
Eminent 310 Strings Yamaha CS80 Roland D50 SuperNova II
Yamaha CS5 Jen Bass Pedals ARP Pro-Soloist Korg Trident
Casio SK1 Roland MKS50 module Korg MP7 'Mini Pops' Keytek MDP40
Moog Opus Strings Pearl Syncussion Pearl DRX-1 Hammond M102
Roland RS202 Kawai K5000S Sound Master SR88 Roland Alpha Juno 2
Roland TD-7 Roland D110 Roland TR505 Delicia Melodic
Casio PT30 Yamaha FS1R Emulator 2 Oberheim Matrix 12
Yamaha SY2 Gem DEX20 Moog Voyager Yamaha CVS-10
MicroMoog Korg Wavestation GEM S2 Farfisa Soundmaker
Yamaha SY85 Casio CZ101 Suzuki SX-500 Wurlitzer EP203W
Ensoniq SQR Elektronika EM-25 Ensoniq Mirage Multivox MX202
Yamaha TX81Z Yamaha CS1x Korg Prophecy Speak & Spell