* 48 kHz/24-bit samples
* Advanced Retro Synthesis Engine
* Two oscillators
* True analogue ring modulated waveforms
* Serendipity 'scope for random patch creation
* ADSR envelope
* Multiwave LFO, envelope and FM/AM modulation
* Distortion, chorus, phaser and echo multi-FX
* Convolution reverb with a wide range of impulses
* Various speaker simulations for vintage lo-fi tones

PRICE - £10 + VAT
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Once again, we have requisitioned an ageing relic which we have re-fashioned for our purposes.

This time, from a 1950s of the future where science fiction and science fact were somewhat blurred ... a portable communications device intended for an over-ambitious and abandoned manned mission to Mars...

With two oscillators offering a wide variety of true analogue, ring modulated waveforms which can be tuned and mixed, modulated further by a multi-wave LFO and envelope as well as FM and AM modulated, there's a broad palette of sounds to play with and mix and match before these pass to an ADSR envelope and an array of speaker simulations and lo/hi cut filters to create a wider range of antiquated, retro sci-fi sounds that could have originated in an old black and white B-movie or the early experimental electronic music studios of Europe.

These then pass to a comprehensive chain of effects...

Featuring distortion, chorus, phase shifting, echo and convolution reverb with an extensive collection of custom impulses, these allow further sound shaping.

At the heart of Altaerion, however, are the 'serendipty' functions. Click on the radar scope in the main panel, and the synth will re-program iself at random; click on it in the effects section, and the effects will randomly configure themselves. In this way, sounds can be made entirely from random. Of course, this doesn't mean the perfect sound for your needs but can lead you off in directions that can and will be inspirational. These can be saved for future use if you wish.

But as with so many HS MLMs, this is not an instrument to expect funky synth basses and cutting edge leadlines. Instead, expect all manner of sublime electronic tonalities, strange pads and odd textures to fill out your tracks irrespective of genre in a unique, quirky and unusual GUI that's just rife for creative experimentation.




Samples : Hollow Sun
Sample Editing : Hollow Sun
Scriptmeister : Mario Krušelj
Programming : Mario Krušelj
GUI design : Hollow Sun and Mario Krušelj
Graphics : Hollow Sun
Audio Demos : Hollow Sun / Shadoespace

Kontakt 4.2.4 full version (or higher)
Windows® XP (SP2, 32bit) / Vista® (32/64 Bit), Windows 7® (32/64 Bit), Pentium® or Athlon XP 1.4 GHz, 2 GB RAM
Mac OS® X 10.5 or higher, Intel® Core™ Duo 1.8 GHz, 2 GB RAM
NOTE : It will work with the Kontakt Player but only in 'demo' mode and the session will be time limited.

Magnificent as always. Thank you.


Amazing graphics and styling. Wonderfully odd sounds as well. Love it, love, love it!


Do you have a patent on the serenidipity function. You should? It takes me off in wild directions. I gave up drugs a long time ago - this is a good substitute. LOL. Crazy stuff


Another winner. Good job


Can I say I fall in love everytimes you create a new MLM Instrument ? I am a polygamyst of Hollow Sun Sounds, and once again, Talion Law is going to make the craziest things with with Altaerion, gorgeous in every ways ;) Thank you Stephen !

Jean A. K. A. Talion Law

Unbelievable, beautiful and inspiring.


"This time, from a 1950s of the future where science fiction and science fact were somewhat blurred."

cant resist - as usual..

Murnau - KVR

Gorgeous stuff, as usual!

Trahast - KVR

Just gorgeous !

Both the graphics (love it !) and the weird sounds you can get out of this !
(not to forget the scripting behind it... !)
The random function is just sick - I came up with 10 new variations of useful
(well, kinda...) sounds within just 5 minutes...just plain fun.

Sorry, just have to mention it - I really love this MLM thing.

Losan - KVR

Just beautiful, as always with the MLM interfaces, Stephen!

dmbaer - KVR

Bought it!
I like unusual Instruments very much.
This should be precious & perfectly apt for making Ambient music.

Thanks a lot Hollowsun!

Delfinoverde - KVR

I finally got the MLM bundle and the new Altaerion (I was on Kontakt 3 for a few years and gave these a miss, even though I was intrigued). These are fantastic, beautiful instruments and a real creative shot in the arm. I was going to mix a track tonight, but got lost playing with them... great work!

Ariston - KVR

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