* 44.1 kHz/24-bit samples
* Real-time control of every parameter
* Choice of noise types and oscillator waves
* Multi-mode filter
* Factory and user presets for each of the 5 modules
* Massive range of electronic drum and percussion sounds
* A proper drum synthesiser, not static drum samples

PRICE - £20 + VAT
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HSDV is a new concept in drum sample library for Kontakt.

Instead of static samples and snapshots of synth drums with little or no ability to edit them to your liking or requirements, HSDV is a fully fledged five channel drum synth that gives you full control over the way you can sculpt and shape your electronic drum sounds.

It is loosely modelled on the original Simmons SDSV where noise and tone (pitched oscillator) are balanced together and then shaped by a simple envelope but unlike the original, HSDV offers various noise types (white, pink and red), multi-mode (LP/BP/HP) resonant 2- and 4-pole filters for the noise, a choice of waveforms (sine, triangle 1, triangle 2 and square) for the tone oscillator. There are also a variety of different 'Click' sounds to mix into the attack of the sound for more 'punch'.

And unlike the original, the filter can be swept and the tone oscillator's pitch bend sweep is also invertable on the HSDV for a wide and versatile range of powerful drum sounds and sweeps.

All the classic electronic drum sounds are available (yes - including the 'Eastenders' toms and 70s disco 'byoos'!) but it is also capable of a huge range of vintage and modern and glitchy drum and percussion sounds and effects. If you have a knobby MIDI controller, its controls can be mapped to the HSDV's panel using a simple MIDI 'learn' facility for really quick and interactive control over parameters.

You have limitless control to make your own sounds but to assist, each module comes with 'factory' presets allowing to make your own kits simply by mixing and matching different preset drum sounds together. And if you make a sound you want to keep for use in other kits, you can store your own 'user' sounds per module. You can, of course, save as many kits as you want simply by saving the Kontakt .NKIs

A range of velocity curves are also available to suit your own playing style.

All the modules are identical but Modules 1 and 2 are provided exclusively with kick and snare presets (although those channels could be used for anything). Modules 3-5 come with tom and other presets but again, they can be used for anything (they also come with hi-hat presets as well).

HSDV comes in Kontakt 3.5 and Kontakt 4 formats to cater for a wide range of users. The Kontakt 4 version has the added advantage of individual audio output assignment for extra flexibility.

The HDSV UI is powered by the skills of Kontakt scriptmeister, Mario Krušelj who can be found at mario.kruselj at gmail dot com

AUDIO DEMOS My thanks to...
Peroxide Alastair Reid - alasdairreid.com
東京の将来 AudioAndroid


Download the PDF User Guide HERE

NOTE: The HSDV does not contain drum samples. Instead, it has samples of raw noise and waveforms as the building blocks for the sounds.

NOTE : It will work with the Kontakt Player but only in 'demo' mode and the session will be time limited.

I like the concept.

Tweaking those 5 sounds sources is something I like.

With yours we really can go far and come out with interesting original stuff.

Claude Samard Polikar - MD, musician and arranger for Jean Michel Jarre and award winning film and video games composer

It's a deceptive library - seems basic on first appearance, but once you dig and delve there's a lot of depth to it.

I know it's going to get a lot of use round here - great job!

Al Reid - Media composer and composer/performer of 'Peroxide' demo

instant purchase ! thank you very much sir !

brilliant scripting ! loving it already !!!

States - KVR

this is an fantastic and spine-tingling rendition of the classic simmons sdsV ! worth the asking price for the second preset kit alone ! beautiful nostalgia piece !

States - KVR

Incredible! I always loved the sound of the Simmons and this is even better. I love the panel too - great job.

Leon - via email

I just found this and wanted you to know.

Wow! I had a Simmons and a Pearl DRX1. I missed those sounds so I bought this on a gamble. It is just as good as them if not better. I am using it with a Roland TD3S I bought ages ago and I love it. Good job.



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