* Professionally scripted GUI for your own samples
* Multimode filters
* 3 ADSR envelopes and 3 LFOs
* Multiple groups for layering
* Extensive modulation possibilities
* Distortion, chorus, phaser, echo, reverb multi-FX
* Custom convolution reverb impulses

PRICE - £8 + VAT
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The Shell is a unique thing in that it’s an empty Kontakt instrument which allows YOU to put YOUR samples into it and have a fully functional, professionally scripted and designed panel at your disposal for sonic tweakage. Ideal if you make your own samples/sounds but aren’t able to do scripting or find it difficult.

Scripting IS very complicated if you’re not that way inclined … like myself … which is why we have our own resident scriptmeister in the form of the enviably gifted Mario Krušelj here at HS Towers. Let's face it, Kontakt scripting can be very complicated even if you ARE that way inclined!

So with The Shell, you can make your own samples, pop into Kontakt’s mapping editor to assign and map them out, leave Kontakt's editor and then take advantage of a comprehensive user interface panel made by a professional Kontakt scripter where you can tweak your sounds without having to delve into Kontakt’s sometimes arcane edit pages.

I have included a few basic samples to get started and something for you to play with. Nothing extravagant - just a simple sawtooth, square, a pulse width modulation (PWM), techno ‘iSaw’ and white noise. Surprising what you can do with just those and The Shell's synth facilities.

The Shell also comes with groups so that you can layer sounds with either individual control of them or together. You can also create your own groups to really stack layers up.

I’ll be honest and tell you that The Shell was initially designed for novices but that pesky scriptmeister of mine kept suggesting (and adding) extra features that make it equally suitable for those who have a more advanced grasp of Kontakt. That adds a few complications but I’d like to think it’s all put together in a way that both novice and über users can be accommodated.

But if you've wanted to have a scripted panel for your own samples but don't know where to start with scripting or find it difficult, The Shell is for you.

GUI Shell v1.1 UPDATE: We have added the possibility to choose between seven color variations for the interface in this update. Download it by clicking on THIS LINK. Install it simply by overwriting the original HS GUI_info.nkr and HS GUI_info.nkc files (make sure you do this with Kontakt completely closed!). Also, DELETE the "Resources" folder if you can see it in your GUI Shell root folder! That folder was never meant to be distributed along with the library in the first place (my mistake!). Next time you load up one of your GUI Shell NKIs, you will be able to choose a color variation by clicking on the text in bottom left corner ("GUI from the laboratories of Hollow Sun" - see the image to the right). Enjoy!

All customers who purchased GUI Shell after June 6th, 2015 have this update included automatically!

Samples : Hollow Sun
Scriptmeister : Mario Krušelj
Programming : Mario Krušelj / Hollow Sun
GUI design : Hollow Sun
Graphics : Hollow Sun
Audio Demo : Hollow Sun



NOTE : It will work with the Kontakt Player but only in 'demo' mode and the session will be time limited.

The full version of Kontakt 4.2.4 or higher is required and recommended


Harvey Jones

WOW!!!!!!! Stephen, I need this immediately for a project. And many more to come, methinks.


such a great idea with the shell

London Sound Lab

Nice idea, this 'Shell'...


This is awesome


Steve - this is a brilliant idea! I forwarded it on to a buddy who would be into it!


This is a GREAT idea. Thanks.


worked perfectly for me! Looking forward to having a play with it later today…love the idea of a scripted shell and adding my own samples - I'm much too lazy and untechnical to do much of my own instruments…thanks again,


Damn, that was all I needed to see. Once I saw how the samples can be loaded in, and how well it worked, I immediately realized I can totally use this for an upcoming Game Audio project I'll be working on. Usually I buy stuff that will never serve a purpose other than to just fiddle around with, but this actually might just save me a mountain of stress!

And with that, you have sold me on The Shell.


what a nice idea!

Ulf - Keys Magazine

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